Cubic 3.60

Capacity 4-5 people
720KG weight
185 cm inner height

Cubic Mini Camper

3 person capacity
470KG weight
155 cm inner height

What is Cubic?

Inspired by nature, Cubic is your home in nature. The most important feature of Cubic is that its interior design. It is ergonomic and functional, and that it can be used for different purposes.


Reasonable price

More affordable prices with its high standard equipment compared to its competitors

Engineering and Design

20 years of engineering experience in the automotive industry and an expert design team…


Ceiling is one piece Sidewalls are ctp.



XPS is used in all walls, front, back and ceiling.


No License Required

Since it is under 750 kg, it is exempt from tax, insurance and inspection.

Furniture Structure

It is a complete poplar contra. It offers naturalness, lightness and durability.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the outer cover material of the caravan?

Our outer coating material is GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester). Caravan, cold storage vehicles etc. in the world. It is the most commonly used exterior coating material in vehicles. Our side walls are embossed, the ceiling and interior walls are used as gelcoat (plain).

How is the insulation of the caravan?

2.5 cm 40 density XPS is used between inner and outer CTP. This insulation is applied to all surfaces, including the ceiling and floor.

Floor insulation is a must, especially for cold weather. The cold that enters the caravan starts from the floor first.

Original Caravan Glasses* are used as standard equipment in our caravans.

*Caravan Glass is made of double-layered polycarbonate material, with dry air between the windows, high insulation value and breathable products. It is one of the most important elements of insulation. In the case of using tempered glass or single layer plexiglass, body insulation is no longer important. The heat transfer that occurs at the window points brings the outside and inside temperatures to the same value in a very short time.

Our caravan frame is made of poplar plywood. Since we do not use steel or aluminum profiles, there is no thermal bridge.

My caravan has very good insulation. Will my trailer be cool on summer days?

Insulation is an application used to prevent the transition between indoor and outdoor temperature.

Since small caravan-style buildings can be heated even with human breath, you can stay in our caravan with qualified insulation in 5-6 degrees Celsius without feeling any discomfort. At lower temperatures you will need a heater. If you have electricity, you can use simple electric heaters. If you do not have electricity, you will need to use a diesel heater.

In high temperature conditions, insulation is not a cooling element on its own. It can keep the coolness of the night for a certain period of time. In this way, it can delay your waking hours by 2-3 hours in summer mornings. Thanks to the sunshade system of the caravan windows we use, it almost completely blocks the entrance of light. You will have a much more enjoyable holiday with an uninterrupted sleep.

If you want a cool environment in the caravan during the day, you will need a cooling equipment (Fan, Air Conditioner, etc.).

How do you seal the trailer?

In all models of Cubic Caravan, the roof is in one piece. There is no additional space. Sealing is provided with a three-stage gasket system at the junction points with the side walls.

Cubic Caravan uses a curved ceiling structure in its original design. Thanks to this structural design, in addition to its high aerodynamic effect on road holding, the accumulation of water and snow on the roof is prevented. In this way, it allows you to use the products for many years without experiencing any wear and sealing problems.

How is the durability of the caravan? Can I buy a caravan from you as a shell and make the interior myself?

Poplar Plywood is used in all furniture and body frame of our caravan. Poplar, which is a light, flexible and durable material, is used as the basic caravan material all over the world.

Furniture in our trailer is not just a piece of furniture. It also forms the skeleton of the caravan. Each has a lateral and vertical load-bearing function. The caravan does not move like a block when traveling on the road. It is a movable structure with bending and twisting in road conditions. For this reason, the same materials should be used in furniture and body skeletons, which react to these forces at the same stretching rates and stay together.

Our company made the static and dynamic analyzes of our vehicle in computer environment and revealed the whole design by calculating the possible resistance points.

Therefore No. You can't buy a caravan in shell form from us. In this case, the decorations you will make as an amateur on a caravan body you will buy will create a troublesome product in terms of both strength, insulation, and most importantly, security, since you cannot calculate your center of gravity exactly.

How is the running balance of the trailer on the road? Is my vehicle suitable for towing this camper?

 Caravans are a vehicle that goes on the road, as they are accommodation structures where you can have a nice holiday. For this reason, the performance of caravans during the journey is vitally important.

When choosing a caravan, you should first calculate the weights of your vehicle and the caravan you will tow. It is the weight of the vehicle in front, not the engine power, that will put the single-axle structures in a straight line, such as a caravan. For a safe journey, it should be preferred to have a weight balance of 2/3 between the caravan and the vehicle. In other words, if you have a 1500kg vehicle, it would be appropriate to tow a caravan of 1000kg.

If this weight range comes close to each other, the risk of oscillation of the caravan can be reduced with equipment such as a Stabilizer or ATC, but we recommend that you do not choose a caravan that is heavier than the vehicle weight in any case.

The element that directly affects the caravan's movement on the road is the center of gravity. It is very important that the center of gravity is in the proper position in all three axes. The weight at the tip of the drawbar indicates the load on your vehicle and is the upper limit of 75kg. The load that the tow ball can withstand, which you can find in the technical specifications of the tow bar you have fitted, is around 100kg on average.

The force on the drawbar in our caravans is around 55kg and this is the ideal value. This value is related to the position of the center of gravity in the length. The wrong axle usage, the choices made on the chassis or the interior structural design change this balance point very easily. For this reason, when buying a caravan, be sure to ask about the weight of your tow ball.

If the weight is in front, you start to feel the caravan's reactions inside your vehicle. It will cause a bumpy ride and high fuel consumption.

If the weight is at the rear, it will apply a negative (up) force to your drawbar, reducing the grip of your rear tires and you may encounter very serious safety risks.

The lateral and height center of gravity will affect your vehicle in turns. It should be on the center line laterally and as close to the ground as possible in height.

Cubic Caravan is one of the most ambitious caravans in the industry in terms of on-road and stability, built using very serious engineering in all of these values.

Is the engine power of my vehicle sufficient?

The standard equipment delivery weight of the Cubic Caravan models is 720kg for the Cubic 3.60. , 470kg for Cubic Mini Camper. is. First of all, we recommend that you review the answer to the previous question for security.

Engine power is not very important for straight road. The difference of the engine is revealed on the ramps. If you use a vehicle with an engine that is lower than necessary, engine temperature, high fuel consumption and transmission problems may occur, especially in vehicles with automatic transmission.

For Cubic 3.60, we can recommend 1.2 Turbo petrol or 1.3 diesel vehicles as the lower limit.

If you have a vehicle with a 1.4 atmospheric gasoline engine or lower, you can examine our Cubic Mini Camper model.

What kind of materials should we use in the trailer?

We recommend that you use products designed and manufactured for caravans in a way that the materials used in caravans can be used in nature, outdoors, in harsh weather conditions (high temperature, cold, snow, etc.), resistant to vibrations and impacts while in motion, and providing comfort during use.

Even if the initial purchase costs are high, when you look at the lifetime costs, these products will pay off more than once.

We can give glasses as the most basic example. We recommend that you use double-layered, breathable, brand-tested caravan windows in your caravan. These glasses increase your comfort in hot and cold weather with their insulation values. Especially in cold weather, you risk getting your head or feet cold in the lying position due to the radiation on the tempered glass.

Since caravan windows are also breathable, you get rid of problems that affect the life of the caravan, such as sweating on your furniture. Of course, provided that you use your ceiling ventilation as a breathable caravan product. In rainy weather, due to its opening position, it opens the window and provides ventilation without rain.

You may encounter deterioration or breakage in a very short time due to vibration, especially in the case of domestic use in stoves.

Although the initial purchase costs are high, over time you will realize that these products are not a choice or an option, but a necessity. Since caravans are products that will be used for many years, we recommend you to make this evaluation when buying a caravan.

Cubic Caravan offers caravan products of the world's leading brands as standard in all its products.

Do you need a Solar Panel in the caravan?

The electricity need in the caravan varies according to your usage conditions and holiday region preferences. Cubic Caravan is delivered with a 12V 60Ah battery in its standard equipment. With this battery, lighting, water booster, phone charging etc. When your needs are fully charged, it will be enough for 4-5 days without needing any charging.

If you are in an area where you can provide electrical connection, such as camping areas, our vehicle starts charging automatically when you make the connection. At the same time, your sockets will be active and your 220V Refrigerator will be active as hardware. You can use all your equipment working with 220V.

In cases where you have no electricity connection, an electricity supply will be required, especially when you want to use your refrigerator. In this case, the Solar Panel can meet your electricity needs.

With the panels we use as monocrystalline, it will provide you with uninterrupted energy, provided that it is not in shadow (under trees, building shadows, etc.). At this point, it should be noted that you cannot use equipment that draws high current (hair dryer, water heater, coffee machine, etc.) with the battery connection.

Can I go abroad with the Cubic Caravan?

Yes, you can leave. All products of Cubic Caravan have been certified by the Luxemburg-based and European Union approved SNCH company. No license or license change is required for our vehicles in the O1 class. You can travel with the CoC (Traffic Compliance Certificate) given by our company.

The reports of all tests performed on our vehicle (sway, braking distance, signaling, etc.) are delivered to our customers when requested.