Cubic 3.60

Exterior Design

Cubic accompanies you with its simple design without disturbing the view of nature. One of the designs that make Cubic a Cubic, the kitchen section offers you a cooking and washing area both inside and outside thanks to its ergonomic design. It provides you comfort with its easy-to-install awning that provides a wide seating area.

Interior design

Cubic's interior design appears as useful and smartly planned inches of space. Cubic, which offers you a spacious living space, provides convenience with its functional cabinets and drawers.
155x190 cm (2-3 persons) bed area,
Cubic, which has a 50x155 cm children's bed area, can turn into a living or dining area when desired..

Standard Equipment

-Alko frenli dingil ve kaplin,13″jant

-Berhimi Ön ve Yan Camlar

-Dış mutfak

-Exterior tailgate

-Thule 40x40 Ceiling Hek

-60Ah Jel Akü

-Battery Charger

-112lt Su deposu

-Can kapaklı çiftli ocak evye kombinasyonu

-220V 90lt Buzdolabı

-250cm x 250cm Tente

-Banyo ve Tuvalet


Ebatlar                          : 360cm x 206cm

İç Yükseklik                  : 185cm

Yerden yükseklik         : 230cm

Ağırlık                            : 700 kg (Akü, Buzdolabı dahil)

Yatak ölçüleri               : 130cm x 200cm

Alt Ranza                      : 85cm x 200cm

Üst Ranza                     :65 cm x 200 cm

Oturma alanı                : 4 Kişi

İç yatma alanı              : 4 Kişi

Su deposu                     : 112 Lt